The clear and new design language, dominated by precise lines and expansive surfaces, intensifies the car’s authoritative aura.
Kidney Grill
Prominent front end, with its exceptionally large BMW Kidney Grill, gives the car an undeniable sense of presence.
LED Headlights
Together with the slim twin headlights extending up to the grill, it emphasizes the width of the car and creates an inimitable presence.
The roominess and versatility of the interior are underlined by the standard inclusion of three rows of seats.
Uncompromised space in the third row, complete with armrests, cup-holders , USB ports, full air-conditioning function and even a dedicated sunroof.
“Crafted Clarity” Glass Application
High-quality glass applications for selected controls are available as standard. This exclusive, visually and haptically appealing design feature is used for the gear selector, the start/stop button, the Controller and the audio system’s volume control.
Panorama Glass Roof
The panorama glass roof produces a sensation of unrestricted spaciousness in the interior and facilitates unique impressions which produces a sensation of unrestricted spaciousness.
First Class Seating Comfort with High Quality Leather
Ease into the comfort of Merino leather seats which comes as standard in Pure Excellence Edition and Vernasca leather in M Sport edition. An elegant ambience of well-being that fascinates driver and passenger alike and imparts an unmistakable character to the interior of the First-Ever BMW X7.
Welcome Light Carpet and Ambient Light
The standard Ambient light creates a relaxing, cosy lighting atmosphere in the interior. The six dimmable lighting designs also include a dynamic function in four applications. The welcome light carpet illuminates the area in front of the vehicle doors when getting in and out.
Harman Kardon Surround Sound System
The Harman Kardon sound system offers outstanding studio sound quality on all seats in the vehicle. 16 carefully positioned speakers provide a mesmerising sound experience.
Acoustic Glazing (both side window and windscreen)
The high-quality acoustic glazing comes as standard which noticeably reduces wind noise and other sounds from outside.
Electric Split Tailgate
The First-ever BMW X7 features a two-section split tailgate, both elements of which have electric opening and closing as standard. Together with standard equipped with Comfort Access, the tailgate opens and closes automatically and hands-free.
Symbiosis of authority, comfort and agility: the First-Ever BMW X7 offers maximum ride of comfort, fascinating prevision in the steering characteristics, powerful dynamics and authority on every terrain that an SAV has to master.
Max. Torque
Max. Output
Max. Torque
Max. Output
Adaptive 2-axle Air Suspension
The standard adaptive 2-axle air suspension automatically keeps the vehicles at constant height regardless of the load. It can also be raised or lowered manually at the touch of a button. The air suspension makes driving particularly comfortable with high driving dynamics and makes it easier to get in and out and load the vehicle.
21” Alloy Wheels
Unprecedented 21” light alloy wheels comes as standard, which back up the presence, especially from the side view, thus complementing the striking appearance. Whether in the city or away from the asphalt – the first-ever BMW X7 embodies pure authority on all its routes.
M Sport Exhaust System
When M meets X, the result is something unique. Despite its size and elegant character, the First-Ever BMW X7 clearly also contains sporting genes. The M Sport Exhaust unit thus provides an impressively intensive sports car sound. The M Sport exhaust comes as standard for BMW X7 M Sport Edition.
Integral Active Steering
Integral Active Steering combines support that varies based on the steering angle on the front axle, and rear wheels that also contribute to steering. At lower speeds, it offers greater manoeuvrability and agility by turning the rear wheels opposite the front wheels. Beginning around 60km/h, the rear wheels turn parallel to the front wheels, to increase driving stability and comfort.
Executive Drive Pro
The Executive Drive Pro Suspension control system comes as options for the First-Ever BMW X7. It ensures exceptional driving comfort at the same time as outstanding driving dynamics. The system is based on active roll stabilisers that continuously regulate electromechanically while driving, thus reducing body inclinations to a minimum.
Always one step ahead of progress: whether it‘s safety or assistance system-with the innovative technologies of the first-ever BMW X7, you are always up-to-date. And thanks to the pioneering BMW Operating System 7.0, navigating and interacting with its communication features is made easier and more individual than ever before.
BMW Live Cockpit Professional
The BMW Live Cockpit Professional with navigation function includes a high-quality display consisting of a high-resolution 12.3" Control Display that can be operated by touch and a fully digital 12.3" instrument display. With Operation System 7.0, drivers are able to create and individually configure on the Control Display now, which can be controlled by iDrive Controller, steering wheel, touch, voice or gesture.
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
Driver is able to operate their car, access functions and obtain information simply by speaking – Hey, BMW! An intelligent assistant that responds to the prompt “Hey, BMW”. For example by saying “Hey, BMW Take Me Home!” will prompt the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to show the route to home by navigation system.
Display Key
Standard equipped with BMW Display Key, which shows you various information regarding the vehicle’s status, including the quantity of remaining fuel, current range, service notifications, as well as the locking status of the windows and the glass roof. Auxiliary heating is also available. The Key also supports wireless charging, bringing you unprecedented convenience.
Comfort Access 2.0
Comfort Access 2.0, which now has a new sensor system, allows the car to be locked and unlocked automatically and also includes hands-free opening of the boot. Together with added new features - welcome-orchestration while you are approaching in 3M; at 1.5M away, the doors will be unlocked. And as you’re walking away from your car, the doors will lock at 2M.
Parking Assistant Plus
Parking Assistant makes parking the vehicle easier. It features among others the Surround View System including Top View, Panorama View, and Remote 3D view, as well as a lateral parking aid, the Parking Assistant with linear guidance and Reversing Assistant - you are able to store the last 50m of your drive so it can be retracted if required.
To experience the one-of-a-kind journey in BMW LUXURY CLASS SHOWROOM.
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